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Cheap calls to India from a landline  - rates

Regardless of whether you live in the UK, whether you are a tourist or a businessman, you don't need to spend considerable amount of money to call an India landline or a mobile. With our service the costs of calling India landline or mobile will be minimal. Our modern telecommunications equipment allows us to offer the highest quality connection calls to India landline or mobile. There are no hidden costs or charges. You do not have to take out a subscription and our service is user friendly and very easy to use. What's more you get high quality service at a minimum price. Stay in touch with your family, friends or customers and call make cheap calls to India using our WOW services.

Why us ? specializes exclusively in international phone calls and calls to India since 2003, and for this reason we always make sure that our prices of calling India are the most competitive on the market as well as offer the highest call quality. Our customer services and customer support are located in the UK.

To check the cost of calls to India mobile phones, click on one of the tabs 'menu' at the top of the page under the title, eg cheap calls to India mobile phone.

You can call India using access dial-through numbers from a landline or a short code and SMS top-up from your mobile phone.

A subscription service which gives you the freedom to fix your international call spend at the affordable price of 10 per 30days is also available. With WOW Unlimited you can make unlimited calls to India! You receive unlimited minutes for calls to India landlines. You are able to make calls when you want and you talk for as long as you like. And all these for only 10 per month.  You can make unlimited calls for 30 days from the date of purchase. This is the best way to make cheap calls for people who call India very often and talk for a very long time! Click on the link below or use the link to the unlimited calls in the menu at the top of the page products.

Call India and save money!

What's more, it really couldn't be easier to start saving. Using our instant access numbers, you can make cheap international calls in an instant. To make a low cost international call from your home phone just dial the access number followed by your international number. That's all there is to do; you'll be calling friends and family across the world using our cheap rate access numbers! Anyone calling from inside the UK can use service from any landline or mobile phone that allows access to numbers beginning with 08 and 09. Please remember to ensure that you have the bill payer’s permission before using the service. There is no need to register and you do not need a credit card or prepayment to purchase a credit or call from a fixed line.

Please check our website regularly  to keep up to date with the cheapest rates and the best ways to call India. We update our prices once a month and we do strongly recommend that you regularly check so you do not miss out on the cheapest calls available. If you sign up to our newsletter we will inform you of updates, but only if the cost of calls to India will be reduced. Alternatively, just add this page to your favourites.

Calling tips & help

If you make calls to India from a mobile phone it is best to save an access number and any number in India, as one of your contacts. Create a new entry in your mobile phone book. Enter your access number. Enter a pause.

All you have to do is place a pause ('p') between the access number and phone number in India and save it in your contacts. After entering a complete number it should look like this: 00845XXXXXXp00XXXXXXXXXX. To call India using our cheap access number, simply select a contact from the phonebook and talk.

There are different ways of doing this depending on your handset.  For example, Nokia phones, press * (star) 3 times. For iPhone press the "+*#" key and choose the pause option.

Cheap calls to India from UK landlines or mobiles:

Your usual service provider will charge you our advertised pence per minute. You will not receive a bill from us. If you're a customer of BT, then BT will charge you their advertised rate per minute - mobile and other providers pricing do vary, and we recommend that you check with your provider before using our international access numbers. Your usual service provider will charge you their normal call set-up fee. BT charges a 13.87p call set up fee for each call made. (Price updated on 02/01/2014). Other networks charge different amounts, so please check with your service provider for their current rate.

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